Sunday, November 7, 2010



      So we finally found the chord for the camera so I can upload pictures and I though I might share some pictures from Halloween.
      This is the first year that the girls were old enough to carve pumpkins so we brought out designs that I have been saving over the years and here is what we came up with.  First, the family carving the pumpkins.

The final project!!!!  We were all so proud of ourselves.

And then finally,  Halloween night.   (Sorry this picture is not the best, but it was the best that my camera took).

     We got lots of compliments and had a great time doing it as a family.  Next, the kids and Dad went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  We had a ladybug, a devil and a witch.  The dog even dressed up as a devil which fit her perfectly.  The kids came home with so much candy that they all got to pick out 20 of their favorite and we donated the rest.

     The trick-or-treating gang

     And even the dog!!  She hated the costume and thought she was being punished but eventually warmed up to the idea.  She barked at every trick-or-treater and drove me nuts!!!

     All in all we had an amazing Halloween and a grand time together as a family.  So on to Thanksgiving we go.  Who knows what we will cook up for this holiday.

Until next time!!!!    JJ

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  1. Great pics "JJ"!! Great looking pumpkins and costumes! Great fun!