Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where Has Time Gone!!!!

     I can hardly believe that January is almost over.  I have been sick for the whole month and now I have a monster of a migraine.  However, I thought I would share with you the many projects I have been doing.  I had so much fun giving homemade gifts over the holidays. 
     First, I will show you the gift I gave my nephew.  It was a new experience for me and he seemed to love it on Christmas day.

     Sorry the last one is sideways.  Someday I will figure out how to edit it.

     Next, I created a card and a memory book for my Aunt.  My Grandma passed away a couple of years ago so I asked my Aunt, Mom and Sister to send me some of her favorite recipes.  I unfortunately only got my Aunts done for the holiday, but am still working on the others.  I thought I would share it with all.

     This is the card I created. Next is the memory book with some of my Grandma's recipe's copied to show her hand writing. 

     I am not the best photographer, but as with everything, we learn as we do more.   I had alot of fun with this and my Aunt seemed to enjoy it.

     Last, but with more to come, I talked about the visionary boards that I wanted to do with my children.  It was relaxing to look throught the magazines, dream over the pictures and spend time with my wonderful children.  Here are those pictures.

     This one was done by my 8 yr old Beth.

     This one by my 8 yr. old Kina

     And this one by myself.  We chose to put these on poster board and hang in each of our rooms.  However, I want to do this every year on New Year's Day so I am starting to look for canvas that is on sale and save them.

     I do have more creations in the work and I will keep you updated.  It is so nice to be back in the creating mode.  It is something  have been missing in my life.

Until next time!!!!!   JJ

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  1. Gorgeous creations!

    Hope you'll feel better soon.